What Can Companies Gain From Corporate Blogs?

Blog plays an important role in company organization. For example, organizations published corporate blogs to reach its organizational goals online. Due to centralize hosting and organize a structured conversation, corporate blog let employees easily reach and follow the latest posts of their companies and enhance the efficiency of employers’ management. Advertisements usually attached in corporate blogs and it is one of the best ways to promote products and services of the company. In general, there are three types of corporate blogs, internal blogs, external blogs and CEO Blogs.

Although blog bring companies benefit, but it also have some disadvantages. Most of the companies don't want to invest money or invest very few money on their blogs so that corporate blogs become unorganized and unstructured. Companies gain disasters from the bad worded and facturally incorrect blogs. Finally a corporate blogs may misuesed by people to post regular news releases and business information.




What Are The Disadvantages of Wearable Computers?

1)The wearable computing technology has not yet refined.

Wearable computing technology is a new technology and needs more improvement. In order to get more accurate information, companies that use wearable computers should renew the system frequently and that’s a waste of time

2)Wearable computers are expensive to buy (especially for small delivery companies).

Wearable computers represent the latest computing products and its price can be very high. Some small delivery companies which need the support of wearable computers can not afford this expensive high technology product.
There are too many wiring on some wearable computer
Working with too many wiring is inconvenient and dangerous.

3)Heat irritation and headache may occurred

Wearable computers usually work with direct contact of skin. After a long time working, wearable computers can generate heat and this may cause a heat irritation. Headache is also caused by long time working with wearable computers.

4)Wearable computers can be used to earn an unfair benefit over others such as Casinos.

Wearable computers support convenient instant communication and they can easily be used by some people to earn illegal benefit in Casinos.

5)It is easy to be stolen or lost

It’s not safe to keep the privacy information in wearable computers because the computer is too small and light to be lost or stolen. Customers’ personal privacy information in companies like aircraft companies can be lost easily and cause a lot of troubles.


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What Are The Advantages of Wearable Computers?

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Wearable Computers offer the fastest and the most convenience services to their users, this multi-task computing product has lots of advantages below:

1) Wearable computers facilitate the level of the users’ working efficiency.

Wearable computers are light weight, low energy consumption, high computational performance computers. These computers can broaden a person’s reach and capabilities. Instant communication, memory, sensing, recognition and logical skills can be improved by using wearable computers. When people work with a wearable computer, it offers lots of services such as providing references and filtering unessential calls.

Wearable computers shows trust and transparency to users.

Wearable computers are very personal computers belong to the users. The difference between wearable computers and other computers are the wearable computers can only enhance and work for the wearer. The system of the computer is understandable and people believe in wearable computers because they can check information all the time.

Wearable computers are very flexible to use.

Wearable computers are hand-free and multifunction computers that can work in different working environment. Whenever and wherever people are, it can offer portability, hands free activities and availability in sizes and functions. The data of wearable computers transfers through the movement of their users.

Wearable computers benefit industries such as warehousing and aircraft companies.

An operator should pay all his attention to finish a variety of tasks in the warehouse by himself. The bar code, which is the key words in warehousing, can be read by the scanner of wearable computers. It enables the operators’ hands free to do the job and scan bar codes at the same time. For aircraft companies, worker always needs to update document to a technician. Wearable computers help them to transfer the information immediately.


What does A Wearable Computer Replace?

As the new technology developing, wearable computers become or will become the mainstream of the personal computers. Nowadays, most of personal computers sit on the desk and interact with users for only a small fraction of the day. Smaller and faster laptops have made mobility less of an issue, but the same staid user paradigm persists. However, wearable computers replacing old desktop computers in situation such as fire accident and warehousing.

Wearable computers allow the users to process their work wherever and whenever they want. By using wearable computers, users can pay more attention to their speech recognition and gesture control technology. The meaning of wearable technology is try to facilitate the production level by eliminating the wasted time seeking out a computer interface and manually inputting information. Wearable computers make a significant revolution of how a personal computer should be used in computing development history.


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What Are Wearable Computers?

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Wearable computers are very personal computers that can wear on human body. This small, fast and convenient computer should be worn as a piece of clothing or eyeglasses, and interact with people based on the context of different situation. These computers can multi-task as communication device, a recorder and a reference device. They support instant communication, records visuals or audios and helps collecting local or remote resources while the users are doing other physical movements. Consistency is also emphasized in the features of a wearable computer. A constant interaction associates wearable computers and users so that people don’t need to turn the computer on or off.

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