What Are The Disadvantages of Wearable Computers?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 7:59 PM Posted by Liren Shuai
1)The wearable computing technology has not yet refined.

Wearable computing technology is a new technology and needs more improvement. In order to get more accurate information, companies that use wearable computers should renew the system frequently and that’s a waste of time

2)Wearable computers are expensive to buy (especially for small delivery companies).

Wearable computers represent the latest computing products and its price can be very high. Some small delivery companies which need the support of wearable computers can not afford this expensive high technology product.
There are too many wiring on some wearable computer
Working with too many wiring is inconvenient and dangerous.

3)Heat irritation and headache may occurred

Wearable computers usually work with direct contact of skin. After a long time working, wearable computers can generate heat and this may cause a heat irritation. Headache is also caused by long time working with wearable computers.

4)Wearable computers can be used to earn an unfair benefit over others such as Casinos.

Wearable computers support convenient instant communication and they can easily be used by some people to earn illegal benefit in Casinos.

5)It is easy to be stolen or lost

It’s not safe to keep the privacy information in wearable computers because the computer is too small and light to be lost or stolen. Customers’ personal privacy information in companies like aircraft companies can be lost easily and cause a lot of troubles.


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