What does A Wearable Computer Replace?

Monday, April 5, 2010 3:49 PM Posted by Liren Shuai

As the new technology developing, wearable computers become or will become the mainstream of the personal computers. Nowadays, most of personal computers sit on the desk and interact with users for only a small fraction of the day. Smaller and faster laptops have made mobility less of an issue, but the same staid user paradigm persists. However, wearable computers replacing old desktop computers in situation such as fire accident and warehousing.

Wearable computers allow the users to process their work wherever and whenever they want. By using wearable computers, users can pay more attention to their speech recognition and gesture control technology. The meaning of wearable technology is try to facilitate the production level by eliminating the wasted time seeking out a computer interface and manually inputting information. Wearable computers make a significant revolution of how a personal computer should be used in computing development history.


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